Top 10 Jobs in India With High Salary with lower education

Top 10 career options 

Making a career choice these days is getting tougher, and not everybody gets a career in engineering and medicine; nor can many of us become the part of the bureaucracy élite.

However, there is no dearth of career options that you can still achieve without much education. You can do a lot with a high school degree and experience in the required field for about 7-10 years. Over time as you gain experience, your prospects in the field increase as well as your monetary benefits.

Careers choices such as RJ’s, VJ’s, stock market professionals, and even BPO professionals earn respectable salaries when compared to top-level managers in multinational companies. Once considered unconventional careers, these are now becoming easier to start without your parents questioning the choice.

All of the career choices below assume that you’ve graduated and have more than 7 years of experience in the field. In the long-term, these choices will be fruitful when you get working experience.

1. Radio Jockeys and Video Jockeys

Do you have the talent of talking?

Do you like music? I mean who doesn’t.

Are you very talkative, yet, your friends feel you have tons of information that they can learn from you.

Then saying “Good Morning…..” to your listeners is what you’ll do if you’re hosting the morning show. Same goes for VJ’s. These people are now earning more and have become a household name. Recognition and money both come with this profession.

The radio industry in India is at a nascent stage and we now have big conglomerates also coming in to set radio stations across the length and breadth of the country.

Although industry experts say you don’t need any formal training to become an RJ, as the competition increases, you’ll definitely want to equip yourself with a diploma from an RJ course or something on those lines. No course can guarantee that you will be a RJ, but your language skills and confidence should be excellent.

RJ Malishka of Red FM (Mumbai) has also hosted travel shows. | Source

2. Stock Market Professionals

Any graduate can join as a broker in leading trading companies. Come straight out of your college then look for “trainee” positions in stock brokerage firms.

Once you get properly trained and have some experience then you can move to higher positions. These professionals earn good money but the workload is hard and they need be vigilant. There are also some specific courses that can be done to join the stock market. If you want some specifics, look for courses offered by the National Stock Exchange.

You should have the ability to analyse a situation properly and always keep your cool. Many people with experience become consultants and handle an independent group of clients.

Bombay Stock Exchange in Mumbai | Source

3. Professional Fitness Trainers / Yoga Teachers

Fitness experts and yoga trainers have a major role in shaping people’s overall stature, literally.

As the Indian people wake to the benefits of keeping oneself fit in the ever-increasing health hazards of daily life, from pollution to the space-crunch to ingrained unhygienic habits, fitness expertise will always be in demand.

Also people don’t hesitate to spend on health these days.

The demand for yoga trainers is also going up, and not just in India. People from around the world are waking up to the benefits of yoga. Especially in the last few years, yoga has grown much more popular in the United States and in other parts of the west.

Fitness Trainer teaching an exercise | Source

4. Actors

Though not everyone can make it to the big screen, chances are that if you have talent you’ll make it at least to the theater.

And gradually you can break into mainstream cinema. Start early by taking part in your college festivals.

Aamir Khan is a college dropout but a successful Bollywood star

5. BPO Professionals

There exist a notion among public that call center professionals get stuck in their job profiles and don’t get to higher levels. But there is no dispute that call centers pay well.

Many people do take BPO jobs as a last resort, but then they do earn well. If you are a graduate and are willing to spend many years at a particular company, then making it to the higher levels such as assistant process leader, process leader and other higher positions is not difficult.

Scores of other people have made quick bucks and then moved on to get their MBA’s with the money they earn.

A call center employee 

6. Politician

This is probably the easiest as well as the hardest of the lot. To become a politician you need an inner drive to do well for society. You might be laughing at my sentence but the job of a politician is hard.

The best example of this is Mr. Narendra Modi who has made his tough journey from being a chaiwalah to the highest post in the country of becoming the Prime Minister. He is honest, hardworking, ruthless, and gives us the feeling that India will get its rightful place under him.

To become a politician, you don’t need to have any education and our constitution does not state any mandatory standards. But mind you that doesn’t mean that you don’t need any education. As our society matures, more and more young and educated citizens are joining political parties on a full-time basis. If you are in college, then join your university level politics wing or you can join any major party as a youth wing member.

And the salaries of the Indian politician if you get elected are among the best and highest if we compare it from other countries.

An MP earns as much as 35 lakhs annually, including various benefits with a base salary of Rs. 50,000 per month.

Narendra Modi swearing in as Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi swearing in as Prime Minister of India. | Source

7. Become an Author

Now this may feel overwhelming but it’s still possible. Anyone with a decent know-how of English or for that matter any other language can become an author. Trust me.

It’s only about your imagination and creativity.

However, publishing your own book through a recognized publisher is tough. With the Internet, more and more people have the luxury to publish their work and test the waters before diving further. Also, with the turn of this decade, self-publishing is a concept which is also gaining more and more ground.

Another aspect of thinking to become an author is that you don’t have to leave your current job. On the side, you can try your hand at writing a novel, or at least start by writing a short story.“

To be a novelist, all I need is a pen and a piece of paper.

— Quentin Tarantino

Chetan Bhagat is an investment banker turned author of 5 bestselling novels. | Source

8. Event Managers

To be an event manger you need a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and a diploma or one year post-graduate program from an institute, though the course is not compulsory.

Event managers are expected to have great communication skills and they work for projects for event management companies, hotels, and big corporate houses to name a few.

The Royal wedding was one of the largest events of the world that went absolutely smoothly, courtesy excellent event management. | Source

9. Tourism Professionals

The tourism industry is one of the largest in terms of people who depend on it, either directly or indirectly.

When compared to our neighbor China, India is far behind in terms of international tourism. However, India’s domestic travel figures are great.

Predictions by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation is that the focus is shifting to Asia, and India will definitely emerge as one of the top destinations in the coming years.Taj Mahal is the most famous monument of India | Source

10. Be Your Own Boss

You can become an entrepreneur either at the start of your career or once you have the relevant industry experience. Entrepreneurs today exist in every industry, though this was not the case few years back when only big companies had their say.

For example,, which is now the top job site, was started in 1997 by an individual just like you (Sanjeev Bhikchandani).

Not to mention some of our famous college dropouts, who now have multi-billion dollar companies.